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The EMA associates have a lot of experience in implementing basic training and continuous training projects in the Mainframe area as well as with regard to industrial projects.

Founders and key drivers:

Prof. Dr. Wilhelm G. Spruth († 13.11.2013)

Professor Spruth was known as the figurehead in German language academic Mainframe training. For good reasons Professor Spruth in 2007 was awarded the IBM Faculty Award by the Institut für Informatik der Universität Leipzig. Before teaching at chairs both in Leipzig and Tübingen he worked many years as senior manager in the IBM development centre in Böblingen. Numerous scientific publications and lectures are documenting his outstanding position in the world of Mainframe. EMA continues to operate in accordance with his legacy.

Wolfram Greis

For more than 35 years Wolfram Greis is working in Mainframe training and consulting. His experience and competence is highly demanded in numerous associations. Greis is the author of the German language z/OS textbook „Die IBM Mainframe Architektur“, a much valued tool for the Mainframe community. Nationally and internationally Greis passes on his knowledge on a regular base during lectures and professional events. He also teaches at a number of universities and colleges, he also is shareholder with the tps Data AG in Zurich.