Knowledge Assessment

Knowledge Assessment

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As a part of the presence workshops students have to pass written tests relating to the content procured before. Depending on the course the number of written tests varies, usually there are four to six. N of these n tests have to be passed. An exam is considered passed successfully if more than 50 percent of the respective maximum number of points have been achieved.

Every exam result is being commented on in detail. For each task the maximum achievable number of points is declared. For each task the student does not achieve the maximum number of points, there is an explanation and justification for the deduction of points. The overall result is reported to the student and stated in percent of the total number of points achievable. The average number of points is also stated.

During the final workshop another written test is conducted.

Students will present the project work they prepared in advance. This part of the exam includes a 20-minute presentation followed by a professional discussion, during which the examiners also ask questions concerning the presentation to be answered by the trainee.

The final workshop examination board is composed of EMA examiners and at least one external examiner. Mentors and supervisors are welcome to the project presentations. Fellow students may not attend the presentations.